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Amanda Wilson

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12:30 AM

I sit up in bed and turn the bedside lamp on. I couldn’t rest any longer. The contractions were coming regularly, and getting more painful with each wave. My partner is half-asleep, but I have to tell him what’s going on.

Writing is more than choosing the perfect words

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Original Photo by Kristin Hardwick on Stocksnap, Modified by Amanda Wilson

Who are you?

This question is so often answered by saying “I’m _____, a <your profession>”. But what does that tell people about you? If you say you’re a teacher, does that mean you’re studious and stern? Not necessarily. So why do…

When you find someone with a soul that fits perfectly with yours.

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A Songstories relational prompt

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I’m so excited, I had to share!

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I have an announcement to make:

I have OVER 200 Followers!

I’m so grateful, and so excited, I had to write a quick post to express my appreciation!

Meeting goals

I haven’t been as present on Medium as I’d like to be- since my hospital stay in August, I’ve been struggling to get caught up on work, on…

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Just because I could doesn’t mean I should

Earlier today one of my dear friends called me asking for a tarot reading, explaining that she is conflicted about a decision she has to make. It’s not always wise to do readings for people you’re…

Amanda Wilson

[Published Author/Professional Writer]My Mission: educate&enlighten, helping others gain skills, sovereignty, magic & might so they can live their best life.

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